Uzskaites sistemas Ltd.
Our clients
Main activity directions of our company:
Development and implementation of software
  • Main area of our activity is  development and implementation of software. The program "Uzskaitvedis" is a convenient tool to maintain a database of clients and service facilities, taking into account the volume of work performed by different services, billing customers, analyze accounts receivable. The program also provides the possibility of forming routes and work assignments, depending on the schedules of service. It can be used in enterprises operating in various industries. Most of our clients work in the field of waste collection and transport, which requires accounting for a large number of serviced sites with different maintenance schedule.
  • Development and implementation of software for keeping personal record in the associations and community organizations.
  • Software development to customer orders.

Consulting services in waste management.

  • Our company carries out estimation of  quantity and composition of the waste produced in the territory of municipalities.
  • We also carry out work to assess and optimize the costs of collecting and transporting  of waste. We have developed a computer model for estimation of collection and transportation costs for different variants of waste collection and transport  system to predict how costs will change with increasing amounts of waste, rising fuel prices, wages, consumer price increases.